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Photo by TheStandingDesk on Unsplash

Your colleague is leaving for some holidays?

Do you know what tasks he\’s he doing daily? I bet you don\’t…

I\’m quite sure you don\’t know all the tasks your colleagues do every day, there tasks like
checking bank accounts,
overwatching clients payments,
monitoring some service/products providers orders,
checking the status of the coffee machine,

just to name a few…

that we do every day without noticing, or without sharing with our colleagues, repeated tasks that keeps our business going… so what happens when a colleague leaves for days?

Those tasks are ignored… and that possibly leads to consequences…

I have the solution…

I have been developing a task sharing platform that you can use to share your daily, weekly, monthly… yearly… tasks with others, colleagues, partners, etc…

This way no tasks will ever be forgotten, and you will be happier!!! (and your boss too!)

Contact me to know more about it! :)

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