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This custom-made WordPress plugin utilizes the power of OpenAI’s text and image APIs to assist users in creating AI-generated content for their blog. By inputting their OpenAI API key (which is required and can be obtained for free from, users can use the plugin to easily generate a specified number of blog post titles based on a chosen topic.

Once the schedule has been set, the plugin will automatically create the complete article based on the selected title, attach a default image to the post, add a chosen number of tags, and publish the post in either “draft” or “published” status. Additionally, the plugin will send an email notification to the website admin to inform them of the new publication.

This plugin is perfect for anyone looking to save time and effort on their blog while still producing high-quality, engaging content. With the help of OpenAI’s cutting-edge technology, users can easily create a steady stream of fresh and interesting blog posts with minimal effort. So, it’s a perfect tool for busy bloggers, content marketers, and anyone looking to keep their website updated with fresh and interesting content.

Skills: Web Marketing, Php, WordPress, Node.js, MySql, API REST, midjourney, Open AI.

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