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This free plugin shows random images or Lorem Ipsum text to fill out content missing spaces, use it while creating your awesome website to evaluate spaces!

The image type will show a random image from the website: https://picsum.photos/.

Use this shortcode: [gld-lorem]

click here to download

There are a lot of options you can set:

  • type -> can be ‘text’ or ‘image’, default if empty: text – i.e. [gld-lorem type=”image”]
  • repetition -> the number of times you want the text (not image) to be repeated, default is 1 – i.e. [gld-lorem repetition=”3″]
  • lorem -> custom text, default is all the Lorem Ipsum paragraph – i.e. [gld-lorem type=”your custom text”]
  • w -> width (of the image), default is 200 – i.e. [gld-lorem w=”500″]

of course you can combine different options i.e. [gld-lorem type=”image” w=”500″]

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