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Cooking Code with Goldensio: A Delicious Automation Recipe for Your eCommerce Platform

Hello and welcome to \”Cooking Code with Goldensio\”! Today, we\’re going to cook up a delicious automation recipe for your custom eCommerce platform using ChatGPT and WhatsApp.

By following this recipe, your clients, the shop owners, can add new products to their online stores simply by sending a vocal message and an image via WhatsApp. So, let\’s get started and cook some code!

Before we begin, let\’s take a look at some examples of what we aim to achieve with this automation:

A bakery owner wants to add a new cake to their online store. They send a vocal message describing the product: \”Chocolate fudge cake, 8-inch diameter, serves 10-12 people, price $35.\” Along with the message, they send a high-quality image of the cake. Our automation processes this information and adds the new product to the eCommerce platform.

A grocery store owner wants to list a new organic fruit mix in their online store. They send a vocal message with the following details: \”Organic mixed fruit pack, 2 pounds, includes apples, oranges, and grapes, price $15.\” They also send a clear image of the fruit pack. The automation extracts the relevant information and adds the product to the store\’s online catalog.


First, we need to collect the ingredients for our code recipe:

ChatGPT API key from OpenAI
Twilio (or other BOT) account for WhatsApp integration
Custom eCommerce platform with API access

Preparing the ChatGPT

Obtain your OpenAI account and API key.
Whip up a Python script to connect your eCommerce platform to ChatGPT.
Set up a webhook to receive incoming WhatsApp messages like a seasoned chef.

Marinating the WhatsApp

Sign up for a Twilio (or another BOT) account and create a WhatsApp sandbox.
Carefully mix your webhook URL into Twilio, allowing it to forward incoming messages to your server.
Taste-test the connection between Twilio and your server to ensure the flavors are blending well.

Cooking up Your Custom eCommerce Platform

Sauté the incoming vocal messages and images from WhatsApp in a parsing function.
Season the mix with ChatGPT, transcribing the vocal message into text and extracting essential product information (use Open AI \”Whisper\” API to convert voice message to text, and ChatGPT 3.5 API to process the converted text and extract product data, returning a JSON or other structured format).
Gently fold the new product data and image into your eCommerce platform using a dedicated function.
Sample your creation by sending a vocal message and an image via WhatsApp to ensure a delightful user experience.

Serving the Dish to Your Clients

Plate up a simple guide for your clients, explaining how to savor the automation.
Garnish the guide with instructions on sending a vocal message and an image via WhatsApp.
Add a side of troubleshooting tips and support contact information for a satisfying experience.

The Chef\’s Secret Touch

Now, for the pièce de résistance – the chef\’s secret touch! The key to perfectly extracting product data using ChatGPT lies in crafting the ideal prompt. To do this, follow these simple steps:

Begin with a clear, concise instruction for ChatGPT to extract the essential product information. For example: \”You are receiving a transcribed text from a vocal message and extract the product name, products are from a grocery store, description, price, and any other relevant details.\”

Include the transcribed vocal message text as part of the prompt.

To make sure ChatGPT understands the context and gives you the desired output, consider adding examples or specifying the output format. For example: \”Please provide the extracted information in the following format: Product Name, Description, Price\” or specifing the JSON actual structure you need.

Example: { \”title\” : \”Organic Mixed Fruit Pack\”, \”description\” : \”2 pounds of apples, oranges, and grapes\”, \”price\” : \”$15\” }

Test the prompt with a variety of product examples to ensure that ChatGPT consistently extracts the required information accurately. If necessary, refine the prompt to improve its performance.

For other secret tips, register to the app then subscribe to one of the paid plans and use the secret command /cookingcode (you will then receive a detailed prompt with more details).

Youtube tutorial here:


Congratulations! You\’ve successfully cooked up a delectable automation recipe that will delight your clients and streamline their eCommerce experience. With this integration, adding new products to their online stores will be as easy as sending a vocal message and an image via WhatsApp. We hope you\’ve enjoyed this culinary coding adventure with Cooking Code with Goldensio. Stay tuned for more scrumptious code recipes, and don\’t forget to like, share, and subscribe! Happy coding!

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